Friday, February 05, 2016

Soo's Dynamic EQ rack for Ableton Live

Soo's Dynamic EQ rack for Ableton Live

A Dynamic EQ is an EQ that can automatically adjust to the threshold of an adjustable band of frequencies within a sound.  Think of it as a surgical multiband compressor that can focus on minute frequencies with less impact to the surrounding frequencies.  It can also be a way to apply boosts to your signal while easing it back when certain frequencies hit.  

Having seen the Ozone 7 Dynamic EQ in action, I wanted to see if I could recreate the plugin using strictly Ableton stock plugins.

Dynamic EQs are best used for mastering purposes where certain problematic frequencies can be removed without effecting the signal when those frequencies aren't playing.  They are also useful when working with samples consisting of full tracks.

I'm offering this plugin for free, but if you'd like to offer anything in exchange, please feel free to donate anything if you'd like.

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Download the rack here.

Note:  You must have Max for Live installed in order to run this rack.  The Envelope Follower is part of the Max for Live Essentials bundle which can be downloaded from

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